The Business 2 Business Network Group (B2B) is a proactive member group aligned with the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce. B2B is administered by an executive team led by the chairperson and vice-chair.
  1. To be eligible for membership in B2B, the business must be a member in good standing with the Crystal Lake Chamber.
  2. All prospective members of B2B will be assigned a sponsor with whom they will meet one-on-one to discuss our views on the benefits, responsibilities and expectations of membership. This procedure helps assure a mutually beneficial relationship between B2B and the prospective member. The sponsor will pass the results and recommendations from that interview to the membership chair, who will share them via confidential correspondence with the B2B group membership, and ask for feedback. If consensus among the group indicates a good fit, the membership chair will extend an offer to join.
  3. Any B2B member in good standing may object to an applicant based on membership eligibility requirements.
  4. If an applicant is denied membership in B2B, he will be placed on a waiting list maintained by the membership chair, which is reviewed periodically.
  5. After an applicant has been approved for membership, he will become a member upon payment of the membership fee and the first quarter activity fee.
  6. Members are expected to furnish valid business referrals and/or warm leads/introductions on a continuing basis to other members. There are no specific referral requirements.
  7. A limit of four absences over a three month period is considered acceptable. More than four absences will result in Executive Team review.
  8. Termination is at the discretion of the Executive Team.
  9. Members are expected to present a “craft talk” about their businesses to help other members learn more about them, their companies/organizations, and possible ways to provide referrals.
  10. Members are expected to pay all fees in a timely manner. Delinquency of payment past 60 days results in review by the Executive Team, which may include opening of member's business category and/or termination of membership.
  11. There is an annual membership fee of $50 for each member of B2B. Of the fee, $25 is applied to Chamber administrative costs and $25 is applied to Network operational costs, including meeting attendance by a Chamber staff member or any required materials, such as binders, forms, record-keeping, brochures, or name tags. There is a quarterly fee of $30 to go to B2B.
  12. The annual Chamber administrative fee will pro-rated for membership starting after the 1st of the fiscal year in accordance with current C/L Chamber Policies.
  13. A leave of absence is permitted as long as another competing industry member is not interested in joining B2B.
  14. If another business is interested, the current B2B member will be given first right of refusal.
  15. Any group member requesting a leave of absence will be responsible for all fees and dues assessed during the leave. The leave of absence can be no longer than three months unless an exception is approved by the Executive Team.
  16. Fee invoices are due upon receipt.
  17. Delinquent payments will forfeit the member’s right to attend meetings.
  18. The Chairman presides over all meetings and coordinates the Executive Team’s and B2B’s functions. The Chairman also is responsible to advise the members about Chamber events and other information relevant to the status of B2B's members and applicants.
  19. The Vice-Chairman assists the Chairman in the performance of Executive Team duties. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman presides at meetings of B2B and Executive Team.
  20. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are responsible for arranging the craft talks and organizing other activities.
  21. The Membership Director or Chairman should advise the Chamber Finance Department of any new members in their group, so they may be invoiced promptly.
  22. The Secretary records minutes of the Executive Team meetings as well as weekly B2B meetings. In the absence of the secretary for a given meeting, the Chairman will call for a volunteer.
  23. B2B may adjust the Executive Team positions as necessary provided that each general job description is handled.
  24. No B2B member may commit the Chamber to any contractual obligation without first securing the proper authority of the Chamber.
  25. No B2B member may take a public political position, or endanger the Chamber’s non-parochial position in any manner.
  26. The newly-elected Executive Team members consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Membership Director, Secretary, Events Coordinator and Public Relations Director.
  27. Ideas, suggestions, and grievances should be submitted by phone call or in writing to the Executive Team for consideration. If appropriate, the Executive Team will present them to the membership for input and discussion.
  28. The Executive Team cannot make decisions affecting the membership without their input.
  29. All members of the B2B group are expected to represent themselves, B2B and each other with integrity and honor. Failure to do so by any member will result in an eligibility evaluation.
  30. All meeting procedural related recommendations, discussions and votes are limited to the active members of the group. Guests are allowed to attend B2B administrative segments during the weekly meetings but will not have a voice or vote; this policy will comply with standard meeting procedures. To nominate and vote, you must be an active member of B2B in good standing.
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