Membership Guidelines

Guests and Membership

All visitors are welcome. As a courtesy, we ask that interested parties contact our chair prior to joining us at a meeting.

B2B encourages power partnerships for advancing business opportunities. To that end, membership is a selection process. To avoid conflict of interest, we invite prospective members to visit and discuss the nature of their business with members in similar areas.

Unlike some groups, we see pros and cons to business area overlap. Members with apparent conflicts can be beneficial to one another if there are sufficient differences to distinguish them. For example: 2 real estate brokers, one focused on commercial, and the other on residential. When a potential conflict exists, the B2B member incumbent in that area has the right to deny the application. Our membership advisory board oversees this process, and sees to it that uncomfortable conflicts are avoided.

Membership in B2B is not limited by number.


We expect our members to attend meetings consistently, and to inform the group beforehand when they will not attend a meeting.

Professional Standards

Our members are expected to deliver the highest level of service in their field. Should any member report substandard service, it will be brought to the attention of the member rendering the service and to the advisory board. The advisory board will determine whether the member is still compatible with the group.

What To Expect When You Attend

Each attendee is given the opportunity to give the group information on their company, talk about upcoming special events and sales that they are running. At each meeting, we pass out business cards and welcome an exchange of literature. To promote effective referrals, many meetings feature a short presentation from a group members about their business and their "ideal customer". Professional Website Design & Management, Serving Chicago and the Midwest
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