Joining the Business 2 Business Network Group is like adding a trained sales force and a board of directors to your company. Each member is committed to helping build strong partnerships and more robust business relationships.

Why would I want to join B2B?

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B2B is about sharing ideas, information, and business referrals to help each member enrich their business, expand their area of influence and expertise, and, to create success in all that they do.

All visitors are welcome to the weekly B2B meetings, where we encourage power partnerships for advancing business opportunities. Membership in B2B is a selection process. To avoid unfavorable conflicts, we invite visitors to visit and discuss the nature of their business with people in similar categories along with the advisory board prior to being accepted as a member. More on our membership guidelines...

If you are a progressive-thinking business person who values cooperation and the power of networking with others committed to shared excellence, then B2B could be for you.

Visitors are very welcome at our meetings. For time and place, click here...

Members furnish qualified business referrals (as opposed to "leads") to other members on a continuing basis. Although we have no quotas or other "hard" requirements, we track our referrals and discuss them at each meeting.

Referrals vs. Leads
A B2B referral is a qualified, warm introduction to do business. The referral submitter has identified a real potential for business to take place. The customer is aware of the referral, and will welcome the contact.

A lead is providing information pointing toward possible business. The customer is not aware that they will be contacted. Professional Website Design & Management, Serving Chicago and the Midwest
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